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Letter to Grikk Smallgear

 Mr. Smallgear,

  I cannot tell you how surprised I was to receive your letter! And quite pleased, it isn't often that I get mail that isn't business related. And I do remember that we were planning to have dinner once, I can't remember what happened to keep us from doing so.

 I do accept your apology, especially since it comes with a chance to reschedule! You really don't need to apologize, however, I understand that things can get hectic; the past year has been rather busy for me as well, though I am on a long desired break right now!

 As I am the one with free time I would be most happy to meet you whenever and wherever you wish. I could even cook if you like though I might suggest we meet somewhere other than my home as it is a bit chaotic and crowded here at the moment.

 And I cannot thank you enough for the brushes! They are beautiful and something I was very much in need of; they will be put to good use. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon!

 Hoping this letter finds you well,



More ooc things!

I know, I know, that's not what this journal is supposed to be for! But it's not like it's really being used for anything else lately. And tbh, the only people I really like I generally can't get hold of anywhere but here when they feel like reading (because I always feel like I'm bothering you if I say something over im!). XD

But I digress.

The point of this post is that I've started a real blog and so hopefully won't be making any more ooc posts here. The even larger point is that it would maybe be nice if people wanted to follow so I'm not always talking to myself. I think maybe a couple of you like me well enough for that anyway. ;)

That said my new "blog" is actually on tumblr so not hard to find. I'm following a few of yours from it and realized that I forgot to tell anyone it was mine. I've also changed the name since I started following people.

It's a real blog, not just reposts of pictures like all of my others; expect it to be filled with walls of text. I won't go into too much detail about it's purpose because the intro post there says it all if you want to look. Anyway, if you're interested you can find it here:




((Sooo long overdue and more of a glimpse than a story but hey, it's something!))

The raven sat atop it's perch preening while it watched the girl.

It was an easy task and her skin was so fair she nearly glowed in the moonlight. The pale sheen of her hair did nothing to aid in her concealment. But it had not always been so and the corvus surrounding her in the tree's and the underbrush remembered well when she'd been a dark, wild thing stalking the forests.

But the years had been altering her even then.

They gathered now, wherever she went, whatever she did, and watched. This strange woman and her dealings. They swarmed around, settling around her in the dark, blacker spots against the shadows of the night.

Her campfires were too small to scare them away, too small to be of much use but the cat; moon white and spirit blue... not even the corvus would fly into it's path. And it was always there, watching even as they did: claiming. No one touched her when he was there, not ever. But wary as they were of the cat he held little interest for them. It was she alone that they watched.

Long years she'd been gone but they remembered the scrawny child; bruised and bloodied and broken. And the wild young woman with the blood staining her hands.

Calloused fingers slicked her damp hair back, caking it with mud all the way to the pale crescent of her lower back. Fingertip streaks trailed down her face and arms darkening her for the night's work. Her leather's soon covered the rest. And then she moved toward the river, bow slung across her body, swift and sure as a cat, graceful as a doe. Then she was gone, the cat trailing like shadow in her wake.

And the raven followed while the corvus watched and waited.
As an aside to my last post, I thought I'd mention that I am popping back into WoW though mostly as Ivarra. Feel free to say hi if you see her! Alaia's still kicking about but unless Cris is on (since they're at sea!) for the moment it's for ooc things; the faire, loremaster, etc. Shiann will be getting a little leveling time soon and I may touch on Jilyna a little but for the moment it's mostly Ivarra & Aislynne on WRA and Eirynna and Imarah on MG.

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You all know I'm not fond of putting ooc business up in my ic journal but I thought that just this once it was justified. Don't read if you don't feel like it and if you do, I appreciate you taking the time to get through it all. Another post with contact info and game talk and tumblr's and all that jazz will follow shortly.

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Letter to Isandare - 5

((I'm sorry about the delay Isa, lj wouldn't let me post! :( ))

Two rather battered packages, bound together with an equally battered envelope finally arrive for Mr.Blackwell. One package is labeled for his sister, the other contains, as usual, an assortment of teas; strawberry, blackberry, cherry, one simply titled "berry," vanilla spice and the first tea's she has sent that are not black; camomile green tea and cranberry-orange green tea.

Dear Mr. Blackwell,

I find myself apologizing yet again. But I am so very sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I can make a dozen excuses about how busy I have been and how preoccupied but that doesn't make it better. Even if your intention was never to acquire a pen-pal I feel bad leaving such large gaps between letters. I promise to try harder next time if you haven't tired of me yet.

I do hope your holiday (holiday's now I suppose) was a nice one. And I think your niece's sound wonderful. I am sure they must love you very much. I wish the youngest much luck in becoming a Sentinel someday, I'm sure she would be great at it.

Please, apologize to your sister for the long wait on her tea. I made as much of it as I could and sent extra for the delay. I hope she is pleased!

As for strangeness... I am beginning to think that is actually normal. At least for me. I would like to say that things have settled and I suppose in a way they have, at least we are somewhere more permanent now. And I think that's a good thing. Things will always be chaotic I fear but I expect that's true for a lot of people. And chaos I can handle. We're home and working and want for nothing, my complaints are very few. So the strangeness I spoke of before did lead to good things, a lot of good things.

I do hope the pearls I sent are of use to you. It sounds like they will be if your nieces have any say in the matter! I have more, some that I intend to use for a couple of sewing projects but if I have any left when I'm finished I will send them to you if you like. They're far too pretty not to be used, I think.

I am so glad my drawing wasn't too strange. Perhaps it's more odd to draw yourself than to send a drawing of yourself. I'm not sure that makes sense. And I have to admit, I would be very interested in seeing what you look like. I wonder how far off the pictures in my head might be?

Might I ask how old our nieces are? And if you wouldn't mind, the next time you see or write to them, please let Alia know how pleased I am that she is wearing the pearls I sent. And I will thank you in advance for that.

And this wool... is so beautiful! I haven't used it yet because I haven't been able to make up my mind what to do with it! I have so many ideas whenever I look at it but as soon as I make up my mind I will show you what I've done! And I do have plans for the sea glass, which is absolutely perfect for the project that includes the pearls I kept. I'll make sure you see that when I'm done as well.

I do hope you enjoy the tea's I sent this time and if there is any one, not just of these but of any I have sent, that you like particularly please let me know so I can send you more.

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.


A Fitting Present

The holiday had been wonderful, locked away in her tent in the snow. She'd given him so many things, clothes and tobacco and a little model ship, toys and cookies and candy and his favorite alcohol. Ordinary things really, things she gave him all the time but just a tad nicer. Nothing good enough certainly.

There was a series of small painting's of Nagrand, all of his favorite places, and one of a particular spot in Feralas where a tiny version of her tent had been painted in. There was a little ivory statuette of a howling wolf, sashes and bandana's and even a couple of hats since he still wasn't thrilled with his shorter, blonder hair. There were ties and clasps for his hair when it grew out that were held with silver knots and wolves heads. And the sharpest, most beautiful blade.

But it wasn't these things that mattered and though she'd given him the necklace with the little vial of sand and sea water to keep the ocean, and his mother, close long before the holiday it wasn't even that that was the most important. There was nothing more than her for the rest of their time away, however.

And as they sat on the cliff that night awaiting the arrival of the new ship there was a certain sparkle in her eyes that had absolutely nothing to do with the excitement of a new vessel or their return to the sea. It didn't even have anything to do with the new rings upon her fingers, which she could hardly seem to stop looking at.

But the evening saw them occupied; interviewing the kid before getting lost in one another. Her dragging him around the new ship before he could fall asleep, only to draw him back to the cabin and her once more.

It was a shaft of sunlight cutting through the cabin to make it's way across their bed, touching on the soft flesh of ber bare leg where it curled over the blankets she clutched to her chest in her sleep, that drew him to his gift. The light made a lazy trail across the cabin, faint and hazy and only ghosting at her hip on it's way to the painting that sat only a few feet away.

The woman was so beautiful, all flaming hair and azure eyes and for a moment she almost seemed to sway with the rocking of the ship. So many months Alaia had asked questions about his mother; not just what she looked like, but who she was, what she was like, how she smelled, how she laughed, how he felt when she was there. Because she didn't want to give him a simple painting. She wanted to give him his mother.

There was no denying the love that went into that painting, as if she'd plucked a memory from his head and placed it upon her canvas, just as there was no denying who had painted it. He knew the work of her hand by now, the familiar brush strokes, just as he knew her smile. He'd felt that brush upon his skin so many times that she often teased he would feel every stroke she painted on her canvas brushing over his skin as well. He knew that painting was his as much as he knew the woman it depicted was his mother.

It was the look on his face and the way the tears shimmered in his eyes without ever spilling over that let her know in her feigned sleep, gazing at him through her lashes, that he liked it. And in this illusion of sleep her hand slid across the bed and curled around his fingers, not a word spoken as she curled into him.


This is so many months overdue. Because I am lazy and busy and didn't feel like digging up links. But since I stupidly keep mentioning it and that I "will" get it up and the kid is busy with Sesame Street I thought maybe I would take a few minutes and get up at least part of it. I'm not labeling songs for characters since some of the character's are unknown here and some of the songs overlap!

So ... music. Have some.

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Winter Veil

(( ooc note; It's super long I know, Alaia's a spaz when it comes to presents/holidays. Feel free to skip everything but your toon's name. And yes, it's a weird format: story-present list-story. But here it is, sorry for the length and the delay! ))

She scurried through the snow, kicking up trails of white powder in her wake. There was a veritable mountain of presents in her arms, piled so high she couldn't see around them. And they kept falling, delaying her trek to the mailbox by longer than she cared to think on.

Admittedly, she had too many presents for too many people but she always did like giving gifts, even if it made no sense.

But she did finally reach her destination, rosy cheeked from the cold, and paused to check and re check each package before sending it on it's way.

Alinor & Lohendrin,
I have an idea that even though I'm sending two separate baskets, they're really both going to be for both you but I separated them anyway! I hope you like them and I hope you're both having a wonderful holiday! -Alaia

For Alinor; A basket full of socks, thigh high and no two pairs alike. They come in every color imaginable, in vertical stripes and horizontal, some with squiggly stripes, some straight. Some have polka dots, others gears. One has smiley faces, another equations. One pair is metallic, two are fuzzy, five are silk. There is an appropriate pair for every holiday. Some are pretty, some are silly. On top there is a handful of scarves, of the-not-for-keeping-warm variety, that match some of the socks along with one pair of arm warmers and one set of fingerless gloves. And laid on top of all of this is a book, handmade and full of sketches of clothes, mostly wedding related, though not entirely; some are seemingly designed for showing off those socks, others are more fanciful, making use of gears, bits of chain, feathers or an inordinate amount of thin belts. But mostly it's wedding stuff.

For Lohendrin (and Alinor); The biggest basket of all full to bursting with cookies and muffins, a small chocolate cake decorated with red, sugared flowers; a loaf of applesauce bread and all kinds of candy; chocolates of all sorts and rock candy among others. There is a cherry pie for good measure, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and bars of white fudge. Of course there's tea, several kinds, pretty mugs, hand made and decorated, to drink it in, a jar of honey and one of fresh mint. There are three blocks of chocolate, each a different kind, tied together with a ribbon and a piece of parchment; a recipe "The best hot chocolate recipe ever." In the middle of the basket is a candle the color of pale, red wood; it looks frosted and smells of spices and coniferous trees and moss. And around the rim of the basket hang crystaline stars, detachable so they might be removed and hung anywhere.

For Kal; A box, since she's never sure how far things have to go to get to Kal. Within are cookies and fudge, another small chocolate cake decorated with red sugared flowers. There's a small fruit cake as well and two bottles of snowplum brandy, along with a small silver flask. A fuzzy, blue scarf curls on top of it all and tucked into the corners and the loops of the scarf are snowplums and grapes. - I hope you wanted food and I hope you're staying safe! Happy Winter Veil! -Alaia

For Laerchel; A large box full of candy, every kind Alaia knows how to make and a few that she could only buy and another of those small chocolate, crystaline flowered cakes. -I know it's not much of a present. It's not really a present at all I guess, but I hope you like it and I hope you're staying safe.

For Aellais; A large cage from which peers a large, wary white tickbird. Taped to the back of the cage are two boxes. Within the first is a long, dark pair of gloves, a scarf to match and a hood with an attached mask; though they are all soft and very warm they are anything but fuzzy. Atop these soft things is a dark blue (not shiny!) metal beetle, with it is a chain so that it might be worn as a necklace, though it is made with a clip so it can be attached to the edge of anything with a thin enough edge, there is also a small silver hoop from which it can hang, almost like a key chain. The press of a tiny button opens its wings to reveal the cogs and wheels spinning within. Beneath the softness of the scarf and gloves at the bottom of the box there is more: a wooden flute, carved with vines, a book, battered and worn full of short stories and poems, each meant to invoke a certain emotion. And carefully sheathed against the side of the box is a long knife of dark metal that seems to glow.

The other box contains a sweater, perfectly bulky and long and oh-so-soft in midnight blue with a creamy colored scarf.

I hope the bird arrives safely and not unwanted. There's another letter about her though. And I think some of the other things I've sent might require a little explanation. There's a small diagram below about the beetle. Someone made a handful of them for me a long, long time ago and I thought it high time that I put them to use. It is a communication device, I'm sure you've seen things similar before, mine are just a little more cleverly disguised than others. There is only one person, save yourself, I have been comfortable enough to give one to, so no worries about someone listening in or butting in when we're talking. And please don't think that it is only for emergencies. You can just pop on to say hi if you like, I promise I won't mind! The knife is enchanted, which I think is obvious, but I think I'll let you figure out what it does for yourself! As for the second box, there is a sweater and a scarf. I was wondering if you could get them to Calida for me? I thought it might be weird coming from me.

I hope you're well and keeping busy. Be safe! -Alaia

For Abbey; Another large cage, this with a large owl sleeping inside. The box taped to this contains candy and fudge, brownies and chocolate chip cookies and one small, chocolate cake with sugared flowers in varying colors. There is tea within, a mask such a dark red it's nearly black and a handful of carefully sealed vials along with two knives, the handles have serpents with ruby eyes curled around them.

I hope you're having a nice holiday and I hope the owl got to you safely. Invisibility potions are probably a strange present, but I know you end up in places where they'll come in handy so I hope they're ok! And the daggers... well, they were just too nice to pass up! Be careful out there! -Alaia

For Isandare; This box contains another small chocolate cake with sugared flowers. Next to that is another of her mugs, sturdy and un-glazed; this one filled with peppermint sticks. There is also a small box, a pretty little wooden thing, carved all over with water lilies and so full of pearls that some will spill out when it's opened. A little note taped to the inside of the lid reads: "Do pearls count as jewels?" A smiley face is drawn next to it. Beneath it all there is a drawing, the bust of a blood elven woman with a sweetness to her face that seems to override whatever beauty may or may not be there. There is only the subtlest of color, a touch of red to the hair, the faintest green at the eyes, copper and the pale colors of sea glass to the necklace she wears, the one that Isandare made. - I have been collecting these pearls for the longest time, convinced that someday I would do something with them. It doesn't seem that I'm meant to use them though and I thought that maybe someday was now and I was just holding these for you. I have no doubt you'll do something amazing with them. And the drawing is... well, it's strange, I know. But I thought, if you were anything like me, that might like to see what your work looks like on someone. I'm afraid a drawing was the best I could do, and you don't have to keep it, but... at least it's an idea? Anyway, I hope you're having a nice holiday. Sincerely, Alaia.

Satisfied she sent her packages on their way. Only when she was done and all her presents sent did she realize that she had mail herself. It was not ordinary mail, there were packages waiting for her and for the longest moment she just held them in stunned silence. She looked so very uncomfortable standing there with her arms full once again. She decided that they must be things coming to her to be sent on their way to somewhere else, she'd done that with Aellais after all. But as she stumbled through the snow and fumbled to find messages she knew what they were. And by the time she'd reached her tent, without even opening one to see what was inside, she'd burst into tears.

Cris was up in an instant, such concern on his face. "What happened?!"

She lifted her package laden arms toward him, trying to sniff back her tears as she smiled, which only seemed to have her crying a little harder for a moment as she pushed herself and those packages into his arms. "Presents."

She'd never gotten a present before.

A Holiday for Cris

She knew he hated the cold but oh, how she loved the snow. And this time she was going to help him see it the way she did; there were so many things to do and see and this time they would have more time... or so she thought.

But it was only a night and a day and another night before he got mail. And an owl. And he had to go. He left too quickly for an explanation, just a name and "trouble." She sat in stunned silence for some time before she finally began to wonder how long he would be gone and just what she should do.

Her eyes roved slowly around the tent, it felt so large and open now whenever she was in it alone, never mind the fact that it was larger on the inside. It had never felt so large before. Or so empty. For a moment she plucked at her sewing but then she smiled and set it aside. She'd wanted to show him all the things that were so wonderful about the cold and the snow and there was no reason she couldn't go ahead and do that. And if he was gone for weeks they would celebrate the holiday and have their fun late.

She had put them in the middle of nowhere, they could pretend it was whenever they wanted.

It wasn't long before she was bundled up and out in the snow. They had pitched their tent near a nice pine tree, several smaller ones curving around the tent. They were covered in snow but that wasn't going to stop her from decking them in softly glowing lights and crystals and the ornaments she'd long kept tucked into a corner for whenever someday might come.

She built presents of snow, real but for their crystaline whiteness and put snow children around the tree; they looked like they might bounce away at any moment. A couple next toward the other side of the tent, kissing in the snow they were made from beneath a sprig of mistletoe the man held in his hand. An angel came next, blood elven by her ears and fair of face with wings that dipped into the ground. A family of snowmen with carrots for noses and brightly colored scarves around their necks came next and nestled in the hollow made by some missing tree branches she put a deer, a snow leopard, a couple of rabbits and a squirrel.

The tent was decked in the softest white lights, both outside and in. She set spiced cider on the tiny stove top and cranberry bread in the oven before setting up a small tree on the table, clad in tiny lights and rotating gently. And among the lights that dangled overhead she hung snowflakes, cut intricately by hand of parchment that looked antique and pale, silvery sheets of something finer than foil.

She stashed presents everywhere, put out bowls of festively colored candy, re stocked the wood in the tent and readied things for the feast she intended to prepare once he was home. She floated tiny deer along one side of the tent, they bobbed there gently in the air over the small stack of books she placed on the table.She put new music on his music device, now that she knew how, both holiday oriented and beautiful.

It was nearing the next morning when she finally sat down to make a few more presents, write a few notes, and contemplate all the things they were going to do when he finally came home. She fell asleep that way, draped atop the furs with a notebook in her hand, ink on her fingers and the glitter she'd dusted so many things with glowing on her skin.